The Benefits of Using Drywall – Part 2

6 Advantages of Drywall Explained by an Expert Drywall Service Provider

As the leading drywall service provider in town, we are very happy that you are back and ready to find out more about the benefits of drywall.

  • Drywall gives excellent results when thermal insulation and fire protection are concerned.
  • Drywall gives excellent results when it comes to sound insulation: Given the fact that conventional walls (brick, block, wooden, or concrete) offer poor sound insulation, it is important to explore alternative light-weight construction forms like drywall to achieve the desired high levels of sound insulation.
  • Drywalls are 8 to 10 times lighter than masonry materials. The key requirements for constructing huge structures or tall buildings will be to incorporate materials that are lighter, which can reduce the dead-load on the structure, be speedy to construct, be eco-friendly, have a long life-span, more rigid fire safety requirements, and provide better acoustic comfort. All of those requirements are met by drywall systems.
  • Drywall is eco-friendly and energy efficient in nature. The thermal insulation offered by Drywall is 5 times better when compared to brick or block. This results is reducing the electrical consumption of a building as it brings down the load on the air conditioning units. Moreover, Gypsum is a 100% recyclable material.
  • Drywall is aesthetically more attractive, it offers flexibility in creating spaces as well as dividing them and also allow us to experiment with sizes and shapes. Drywall will give you chance to organize the space at your newly constructed home in Pensacola, FL just the way you want.

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