What Kind of Paint Finish Should I Pick for Interior Purposes?

What Are Your Options When It Comes to Paint Finishes? Tips from a Local Painting Service Provider

Inexperienced homeowners may not know the difference between various paint finishes, especially if they have never performed any home renovations. Different finishes have different reaction to light. Some reflect it, some adsorb it. Depending on that, there are several finishes available on the market – matte, eggshell, flat, satin, semi- and high-gloss finishes.

  • painting productsFlat and matte are the least glossy and shiny of all. They absorb light instead of reflecting it, which is great for bedrooms and ceilings. One of their biggest advantages is that they help conceal smaller wall defects and imperfections. Also, they don’t leave brush marks, which makes them pretty easy to work with. Unfortunately, these finishes are a lot harder to wash and maintain compared to the glossier ones. As a painting service provider, I don’t recommend them for kitchens and bathrooms.
  • Eggshell finish is excellent for interior walls. It is very easy to maintain because it can be washed with water. Flat and matte finishes, on the other hand, can’t be washed. Eggshell finishes have a slight shine. It resembles a polished egg shell. It’s suitable for kitchens and living rooms.
  • Satin is a shiny wall paint finish. It’s not very glossy though. It has a rather smooth and soft shine. It resembles the shine of satin, hence the name. As a painting service provider, I recommend satin because it’s easier to apply and most people can easily work with it. Although, it looks great, it’s pretty bad at concealing wall defects, so make sure the wall is perfect before you paint it.
  • Semi- and high-gloss are the last finishes. They are the glossiest. Semi-gloss is very good for kitchens and bathrooms because it’s water resistant. That makes maintenance even easier because it can be washed. High-gloss is even shinier. It’s also very durable. High-gloss is not a very popular finish because it can be too flashy and exotic to fit with the rest of the room. We recommend it for lounge areas, cocktail rooms, bars, and so on.

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